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    Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Company Name: Refrigeration Industries Co. (S.A.K.) REFRI (504)
Established On: 08-03-1973
Listing Date in KSE: 29-09-1984

Sulaibiah – 5th Street – Alsenaeea – Block 1 – Building 4
P.O.Box 22261 Safat 13083 Kuwait

Telephone: 1833380 / 22266497
Fax: 24673562

Website: www.ric.com.kw
E-Mail: info@ric.com.kw

Principal Activities:

Establishing & renting out public cold stores. Providing storage services to both private and public companies; Producing, installing and maintaining split and central air conditioning units and water cooling systems. Purchase, sale and hiring of properties required for the company’s activities; Carry out transportation for all kinds of cooled commodities inside and outside Kuwait. Investing financial surplus available to the company by employing it in funds and direct investments that are managed by specialized management. The extraordinary assy., held on March 27, 2004 resolved to add the activity of handling all the electrical and mechanical works related to air-conditioning and cooling activities related to the company’s activities.

Paid-Up Capital: 8,514,108 KD
Share Per Value: 100 KF
Issued Shares: 85,141,080 Share
Treasury Stock: 840,000 Shares
Shares Outstanding: 84,301,080 Share
End of Fiscal Year: 31 December

Board of Directors:

Chairperson: Hussein Saleh Al Sheikh
Representative of Al-Nahda For Kuwait Industries Company.

Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer: Saleh Abdullah Salem Al-mekhlef
Representative of Al-Qasabah Real Estate Company.

Director: Azara Faleh Husseini
Representative of Al-Mleeh Real Estate Company.

Director: Jassem Mohammad Al-Mussalam
Representative of AlHomah Real Estate Company.

Director: Abdullah Yousef Al-Babtain
Representative of Alfa Real Estate Company.

Auditors: Al-Salhia Office & Al-Waha Auditing Office.

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