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    Management & Corporate Structure

Management & Corporate Structure

At the beginning of 2007, RIC Senior Management underwent a comprehensive restructuring program, upgrading all of it’s sectors in the process with the aim of pursuing long-term strategic objectives and to ensure it is meeting it’s customers ongoing needs as well as driving higher profitability levels and providing sustainable value creation for it’s shareholders.

The outcome of this process has been that RIC has strengthened it’s business platforms, achieved technology leadership in the region and increased business efficiency throughout the company.

RIC has adopted a revised management structure in-line with the requirements of the revised group. The COO principle that they have introduced for their top 3 management levels ensure that bottom-line responsibility for all aspects of the business are clearly defined – a basic prerequisite to achieving a lean, efficient and rapid-response organization.

Capitulating on this successful restructuring, 2009-2010 have been years of strategic acceleration for RIC – years where the company has continued to refine the fundamental DNA that defines the company’s operating procedures and policies, and increasing the level of commitment to RIC’s core principles:

Dedication to our Customers, Investment in Innovation, Commitment to Sustainable Development and Engagement of our Workforce.

    “Pioneering Effective Solutions through Pragmatic and Progressive Approaches”