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RIC established the first plant in Sulaibiya to manufacture central A/C and mini-split units. This plant is the first in the region and the only manufacturer of full range A/C units, heat exchangers and coil/tubing in Kuwait and has a capacity to produce over 50 models of central A/C units. Being the only local manufacturing plant in Kuwait, we appreciate that it is important to understand Kuwait’s torrid environment and as a result we manufacture units thath are specifically designed to suit the local and wider regional climate. Strict procedures and processes are also implemented to meet the international standards and we have been certified with ISO 9001 since 1997.


Our product range has capacities ranging from:

  • Concealed Ducted Split Units, ranging from 2 TR to 5 TR
  • Ducted Split A/C Units, ranging from 2 TR to 25 TR
  • Packaged A/C Units, ranging from 4 TR to 25 TR
  • Air-Cooled Packaged Chillers, ranging from 45 TR to 420 TR
  • Air-Handling Units, ranging from 1000 CFM to 50,000 CFM.

All of our unit designs comply with domestic and international standards. With a high efficiency rate, the units manufactured at the RIC Kuwait plant can perform reliably at ambient temperatures of 125’F; which is more than most other brands offer.