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Rapid, resolute decision making and the ability to react quickly to changes in the market are amongst RIC’s core strengths.

Over almost 4 decades, the one thing that has been constant is the need to continually reinvent ourselves, regardless of the economic climate.

At RIC, we have taken this to the next level and incorporated ongoing self-renewal as one of our core business principles, applying this concept to all of our operations, from the elevated top-down view to the way more minimal decisions are made within the business.

In applying this principle, we adhere to the logical product and business life cycles, thereby laying the foundations for sustainable, profitable growth.

Ongoing self-renewal ensures that we subject our business models, organization and strategies to a process of continual review and ongoing improvement.

Operational Excellence
The RIC management team strives for operational excellence, improving capital efficiency and maintaining a strong cash flow. As part of this process RIC are always seeking to improve manufacturing processes, distribution logistics and on-time delivery performance exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Simplification has driven RIC’s cost base down helped to significantly boost profit margins.
RIC Management have simplified many aspects of the company and have worked continually on developing a closer, more innovative relationship with suppliers.

    “Pioneering Effective Solutions through Pragmatic and Progressive Approaches”