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    Duct Works

Duct Works

RIC runs one of the biggest duct manufacturing workshops in Kuwait. With a capacity for up to 6000 metric tons of ductwork annually, the RIC duct shop provides distinguished professional services. We engineer our processes to employ international standards of duct fabrication, always focusing on scheduled delivery deadlines for our customers.

Our products offer a variety of rectangular ductwork such as:

  • Straight pieces
  • Connections and Fittings
  • Joints
  • TDF Locker
  • C-Locker
  • S-Locker
  • Pocket Joint

Computer controlled Vicon plasma-arc cutting is employed for precision cutting of metal sheets and minimal scrap metal loss. This is complimented with fully automated coil-line for processing of straight ducts.

We provide manufacturing accessories such as:

  • Volume control dampers
  • Filter boxes
  • Access doors
  • Flexible duct connectors
  • Plenums
  • Kitchen exhaust fans
  • Filters
  • Variety of accessories

Our construction designs follow international standards set by SMACNA